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Тема: Ченжлог 118 версии.

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    Драконий Рыцарь Асхана Аватар для MOD_dANKa317

    Ченжлог 118 версии.

    Changelog: Version 118
    Dear Heroes, 
    As usual we would like to inform you about the deployed changes. With the previous deployment, we already have rebalanced the enemy creatures, we have continued the rebalancing and have deployed the rebalancing of the player creatures today as well. Let's go into details for the deployed changes, if you would like to discuss these changes you can find a discussion round here. 
    Player Creatures
    All player's creatures have been rebalanced to make them more unique and balanced. The whole description and all details can be found here . Not all creatures have already been revealed, we will add them in the next days and weeks.
    The Crimson Trader Event
    We deployed the Crimson Trader Event, the whole description and all details can be found here
    Forgotten Sites
    We received a lot of feedback from you regarding the Forgotten Sites. One main point of criticism was that they are too difficult for players in the mid game and end game. Our Designers took this feedback into account and rebalanced the Forgotten Sites for these levels. The Forgotten Sites should now be easier to beat, but still challenging. Please keep also in mind, the forgotten Sites are a mystic place, where your normal tactics may not apply and which are still challenging. 
    Coop Raids
    Coop Raid XP Rewards have been significantly increased for Hero Level 30+ Raids. The displayed rewards now also adapt correctly to the difficulty of the Raid Level again.
    Hero and Artefact Stats
    Fixed a Bug where Might Heroes found Artefacts with not enough Luck for their class, but too much Spirit while Magic Heroes received Artefacts with not enough Spirit but too much Luck. Only upcoming Artefact Drops will be affected by this fix.
    The scaling of the default Hero abilities has been adjusted to fit better into the current ability balancing
    The ability description of “Raise Dead” has been changed to fit better the behavior of the ability
    The ability scaling of “Empowered Bolt” has been rebalanced
    Abilities now also have an effect when they have been cast by Magic Users with their second turn per round
    Group chats of different groups should no longer be merged.
    Enemy Surrender
    The Client will no longer freeze when an enemy surrenders. 
    The Resource Quests after Level 30 have been reactivated again with their balancing being adapted to the new Resource Income
    Quest log is now shown correctly
    SideQuests: Necro: Pacify The Harbour, Again! (2230080): Should be available for all players
    The quest "The Howling" is now available when it should be
    The game does not longer freeze in loading screen and different battles, e.g. Baron Madog / Protect Madog quest
    Various Tutorial Quests adapted
    Several portraits of encounters in Whispering Plains have been reworked
    Other Bug fixes
    The possible dead end in the new tutorial that results out of a lack of Construction Licences should be fixed
    The 14-Day-Combo-Shard lasts 14 days now
    Obelisks do reactivate as they should now
    Buffs and Shards are no longer paused when retreating from a battle
    Forgotten Sites: Buff/Shards should be reactivated after finishing a map
    Demolish Cooldown has been increased to 24 hours to avoid exploits
    Low battle power indicator: Is also displayed in the status menu now
    Shop: Hero Customization: The according shop tabs aren’t hidden by a banner any longer
    Forgotten Sites: Resource Nodes: Crystals do have a tooltip now
    Action Points: Battles: The retreat screen doesn’t refer to Action Points any longer
    Forgotten Sites: monsters shouldn’t be out of reach in "Forgotten Site"
    The Ability window is now closed after clicking the confirm button
    Endgame Quests in Beginner Provinces should be fixed
    [LOC][RU] The untranslated game logo in gift message is fixed now
    Troops: Abilities: Skeletal spearmen ability Bone Spikes does work again
    It should be easier to distinguish between boss and deadly threat level now
    1st portal in Namtaru's Claws not activated after 2200844 was manually completed
    UI Improvement to make it easier to purchase Resources
    За 12 рейд дают теперь 540 к опыта, про остальные рейды спрашивать я не стал.
    Последний раз редактировалось dANKa317; 22.10.2014 в 17:30.

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